Bo'ness and Blackness Community Response



Who are we and what do we do?

We are here to help you love your neighbour and help facilitate any coordination that is needed, importantly networking into key resources the community requires. This is why we are working alongside Falkirk Council, the CVS, Food Bank and other local organisations.

  • Please be aware we are NOT a constituted group and are simply neighbours helping neighbours. We do not undertake or replace any paid service. The team heading this up exist solely to help facilitate this connection and only for the purpose of this current crisis. If you need urgent assistance for any reason you must contact the appropriate service.

  • We will use information you give us to try and connect neighbours in need with neighbours who can possibly help - no guarantees. We will not be helping you directly.

If a neighbour cannot help and you need help urgently, please contact Falkirk Council or use the links to resources on this website.

Please remember - we are empowering YOU to #loveyourneighbour. We’re not an organisation. Don’t go into a stranger’s house or let a stranger into yours, or give out personal details to someone you don’t know. Keep to the government safety guidelines and stay safe. You do the doing, we support you doing it.

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